Virtual Pro.

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i have been looking for info on changes to be a pro. i cant find anything. What i have found is not many like this mode.


This mode has alot more to offer i believe. If you look at boxing games for example. Training and customize is far greater and could be used in virtual pro.


*Training would be similar to the new training feature that is currently being seen on this edition. More completion to better your ability as much as on the pitch.

*Being the face of Nike, Adidas could be nice little feature.

*Customize your pro is way to plain.

Some boots should allow personal designs and names on.

Should be able to choose what you wear before a game. Running around with under shirt in the summer is stupid.

Celebration & reactions. I like idea of choosing reactions to situations an celebrations. To the low key celebration, to the dramatic celebration winner. You choose run celebration then final finish.

Know of any changes let me know. Also feel free to say what you think about my ideas.