Ultimate team difficulty level.

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I'm a bit confused about this. My usual dificulty is world class, but I've just started the first tournaments and the difficulty was semi pro. Is this to help because my team is not very good, or does the difficulty increase as I progress through the tournament? 

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from what i can gather each tournament has the difficulty already selected so brinze is amaeture, silver semi pro etc

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Each cup has different difficulty setting, when you see the cup - it will tell you the cup title, what players you need to compete, the prize and then difficulty setting; It's easy enough to find bud :D
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Now if you try the Divisions it varies.  You can play Pro, WC and Legendary all in the same season.. Very challenging.  Once you hit division one you have to grab 29 of 30 points in order to win the top prize..

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That's the thing that's annoying me. I'm playing in Division 5 and yet just about every game I've played has had a difficulty of either World Class or Legendary!

That surely can't be right! Is this a flaw?

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when you start you can pick the diffeculty i think only tournaments has the difficulty automatic