Something New This Season.

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( ) Have you ever wondered if you will end up having TOTY Messi in your team? Yeah thats right most of the people can only dream about having him, but right now im doing an TOTY Messi draw ( something new this season ). -Q.Right what do i need to do to enter the draw? -A.Great question, its very simple and easy. ( Every 'ticket' you buy will go into TOTY Messi Draw ) All you have to do is just pay certain price for your name to go to the draw and here are the prices: 10k coins = 2x your ( gamertag name ) in the bowl. or 50k coins = 25x your ( gamertag name ) in the bowl. All you need to do now is just inbox me the following : GamerTag: TeamName: Which Offer: IF i add you then simply trade, and wait for your Messi ;) its the biggest chance you can get, and its up to you how much effort you put in. Wish you all Good Luck. Xbox 360 only
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Elliottlfc11 fc spartans 50k x 25
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OMG Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy has duplicated my coins!!!! I had 100k he gave me 200k for free!!! Check him out