Serious game breaking issue, offline lag, tried everything, Please Help!

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The problem I have does not make any sense, and is sending me mad. I have been experiencing this for the whole duration of fifa 12 and the whole duration of fifa 13. Fifa is lagging offline for me, in a way that changes the whole way fifa works, passes roll and skip across the ground really slowly, players turn like they are sumo wrestlers, everything feels dragged and slow, heavy and delayed, and players touches are really heavy. I know what fifa should feel like as sometimes for a few minutes it is normal. This lag varies and is sometimes really apparent and feels so horrible, and sometimes it is less, 99 percent of the time it is awful. Here are the things I have done to try and fix it: -sent off Xbox 360 for repair twice (my xbox was originally brand new) -reformatted hard drive so many times -deleted cache many times -tried many different tvs (I use a 1080p hd monitor designed for gaming) -tried different hdmi cables -tried using av cables -tried different discs (the demos of fifa also did this problem, so the disc is definitively no the problem) -tried playing without the hard drive in -tried using different power cables I have also emailed EA probably over 20 times over the year and have got no help towards it, what is even more bizarre is I had a ps3 before and that had this same problem! I therefore bought a new xbox 360 to counteract it, I remember fifa 12 worked fine for one day, then it reverted back to this weird lag that changes the whole game engine of fifa. To clarify its not a stuttering or HD lag, the whole way the players dribble, pass, move and basically everything that fifa is all about is wrong, slow and feels horrific. It makes fifa so painful to play. I have literally tried everything under the sun and I do not understand how I have this problem, especially as I have not heard of basically anyone experiencing it. I love fifa and I am a good player, this problem has made me miss out on fifa 12 completely and I really don't want to miss out on fifa 13 to, any help much appreciated!
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i have exact the same, think the game just sucks
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I have the same issue, both offline and online. The only thing i have not tried is changing the power cable. However after many tries i believe the problem has something to do with the profile, but I cannot figure out how to fix it. If i create a new xbox profile, for a few days fifa is ok with new profile. Alsi if i use the old profile, and fifa is no good, i log in to the new play 1 game, log back to the old profile, and the problem is gone. . However after a few days both profiles go bad. What could be happening with the profile? Any ideas?