Ps3 Fifa 13 Online League Forming !!

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I will be creating what I think will be the most organized, most professional, serious league that has ever been assembled. My PSN is GKAI and I have Commished leagues for PS3 for leagues like Madden that have been ultra successful that are still running to this day going back to 2009 that were assembled three years ago.. check for proof. So I do have the skills to organize and run a successful league. Anyways I want to assemble and bring that same success to FIFA now. I am in the process of creating a league of special, passionate and dedicated individuals that truly love soccer. My goal is to find 16 people that are mature and are ready to five themselves fully to this league. I want serious mature older people only, no kids. I will be running a super serious league. Any foolishness and you will be asked to leave. Email communication will be very very important. You must be able to be contacted with a hour of being emailed. Communication will be critical in this league. I am creating a website with a premium chat Room is order to interview possible owners to join this exclusive league on the PS3. The league will be simple ... 16 teams.. four grouped divisions with four teams in each...everyone will play each other once in that division ... two points for a win.. one point for a tie and half a point for a loss. All games will be played over a two week period then the top two teams in the division will move to a bracket style playoff game , winner moves on to the next round until there are only two standing for the championship.. The league will kick off around Dec. 14 or 15. I already have about 7 people committed and only 9 spots are left .. Act fast if you are seriously interested ... email me at elite32commish@gmail.comasap for further info.. You must email me your PS3 ID, your age and what country you are from .
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what up fellas ? One more person needed ... check out our website at