Making my second team in FUT help

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Hello FIFA friends! Where to go? I got a full serie A team 4-1-2-1-2 the strongest you can get. So where to go for a second team? I got 120.000 in gold and Podolski (st) and RvP (st) 4-1-2-1-2.. I am willing to sell those to if you guys come up with a different team than Barclays PL. So help me please before I go nuts in calculations! Liga BBVA?, Bundesliga?, German team?, Brazilian team?, Nederland team?, Spanish team? ........... Help! What would you do?? Thanks in advance footballers!
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Hey - I found that a second decent team is good to allow your main team to recover. Also, you can continue to strengthen it too.

I've build a hybrid this weekend with the 3-5-2 Russian League / Brazil hybrid. Its got Wellington/Eminke up front, Carlos something from the russian league as the CAM (hes from brazil). A russian league LM, Dz something. The crazy fast Russian guy playing in Bundas League as the RM, 3 brazilian CBs, 2 of them in the Bundas League, the german golie. I forget who the CDMs are. But it works and can be done for less than 50k and I've been some massively expensive teams as the brazilian CBs are insanely big and strong. I score on every other header from a corner.

If you need more details let me know.

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