HELP Fifa 13 Ultimate team Crash

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Hello, I come from PES and wanted to play something like Master League Online, ppl told me it was ultimate team that is the same as master league correct?


Well when I try t play, I start the tutorial and after I make a bid in the bid house (of the tutorial) the game crashes...  I cant pass the tutorial bid house, it always crash


Any help in this? Please! I bought this game only for that!

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when this happened, it happened to me when it started apparently EA servers was giving trouble

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2 days ago, what did you made to solve this? My PS3 get freezed
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i using pc so i removed all my files from where it was saved

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And it worked?? Ill try to download the game again then
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Im using ps3 version bought in PSN store >.<

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ea giving some trouble hope download rectiffies your problem