Full manual controls club (360)

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Trying to start an all manual controls team. I've tried to start one since Fifa 11 with no luck. Plenty of European manual clubs but not so many North American ones. Hopefully third time is a charm. Any rating, skill level, age, etc. Full Manual FC http://www.eafootballworld.com/en_GB...27841/overview (might say British Isles but it's actually East Coast US). GT: chpmntsptx
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I'm a full manual guy, but it's a real b*tch playing seasons where everyone else is using assisted controls

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yeah, same with head to head. but, it's just for fun and to see how well a group of manual players can fair. plus, there are a lot of advantages with manual controls. got a few people on board so far, but have only played one cup match. still need to get a larger group. you're more than welcome to try it out. if you're interested in a manual-only league, i know someone that's trying to start one.