90th min goals

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This is killing me, it drives me nuts every single game, I'm always up 2-1 or 3-2, then on the 89-90 min the opponent scores at least 1-2 goals, ending the game with a 4-3, every single time, I don't know how to stop this, %80 of my loses are on the 90th min, I feel like this is scripted or something, it's impossible to stop it, I have %55-%60 possession every game, and suddenly the last minutes of the game the opponent's team turns from Aston Villa to Barcelona, is this a common issue with everyone? It's really frustrating, any tips on how to stop this besides putting it on ultra defensive? Thanks.
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yea it happen to me sometime, especially when the opponents bring on new defenders, u should substiture you tired players around the 80 min so they would have energy and see if that helps

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90th minute 1-1 opponent has a freekick, the goalkeeper takes it..................he score 2-1 end game, "you have lost connection to EA sports".