Code-masters back to racing!

Despite this being personal vengeance for the time wasted waiting and money thrown out, below thoughts might save you a disappointment.

Loved the precipice of the game, waited, got on their mailing list (rare act). Canceled Amazon order to pick it up in store.

Steampunk - does not exist. Small graphic details on the weapons that you can hardly see, coupled with turret gun that for first 10 seconds of worm up on.... steam I guess, i considered broken for mysterious reason, do not cut it. Rusting generic looking building and employing weightless STEAM run vehicles is not helping. Good idea, not a successful application.

Thematic - pale, washout. And on the audio side, please work on Public Announcement system, it is scary but not in a good way. Just a thought, your own (ingame) back is what you stare at all game, could you make at least me (Rourke) decent looking and moving? ....and one girl not out of 1994 3D Hentai hit, if it is not too much to ask.

Vertical Play - dropping questions why would anyone build there in first place. You should be able to jump to direction you want for that. Realization of this controls in Damnation - no comments. Compare it with inFamouse and it will highlight the issue.

Gunplay - uninspired and undynamic. Not the reason to buy a game. No matter the promise your headshots will be rear and you will never feel like Rambo with machine gun against the masses.

It is a sad day when I have nothing good to say about a game I waited for, for so long.

P.S. Blue Omega - you have a problem. Codemasters - love Grid, Rally series, even Rise of Argonauts. Please tighten up you not car developers!