Like all Fifa managers:pure letdown

User Rating: 2.5 | FIFA Manager 12 PC
The game is easy and way too retarded to waste time on.Very cheep and useless tactics and very funny goals that are being scored.The game that is shown on 3d is just like football..its more like a street game btw.
they better stop this production and send the money to the poor.
been playing managers for more than 10 years and never seen managers as retarded ans Fifa,which are just good for their pictures and team logos.
One of the fun parts is the fact that if you play with different orders to your players ,the differece is very little and their passing,dribbling and shooting is really funny and cant be tolerated.Even when you win all the games its hard to continue it because of its big failiure to be more than pictures and logos as i mentioned.
My suggestion is"Dont buy it and dont play it at all"and "dont even go close to a shop that has it and dont talk to somebody that plays it"
want a good manager?
check Football manager instead of this broken useless childish game.
i think FIFA can sue them for showing a game which is just like football and name it football.