An engrossing experience that falls apart in the end. But also a very good action-stealth game.

This is a game that draws you in, which is already one of the higher goals to accomplish in any game in my opinion. It may be totally subjective but this futuristic world seamed believable enough for me, it made me want to explore it.

But of course that's not possible, since this game is a linear stealth fps with little space for free roaming.
Yes the game has a few cities with some side-quests, and there are different paths in every mission, but that does not make it an rpg.
Don't get me wrong though, I haven't had this much fun playing a stealth game since the last metal gear game I played, and this time i wasn't overwhelmed by 2 hours of cutscenes every time I finished a section.
But I'm getting off-track.

So, the game is solid and the game world is very interesting, but it has one major flaw in my opinion: The ending.

The ending is totally disappointing, I don't want to spoil, but it's as if there was no ending at all, just a lame patch to call it quits.
And afterwards there's no score screen or anything.
I tried to not kill anybody, always using non-lethal take downs and stun guns, but in the end it feels like there's no difference at all, I could have been murdering civilians and no problem.

So in the end, it feels like the game is just abruptly cut cause release date was approaching.

Still, the story is not everything, and I found the gameplay to be very good, so pick it if you don't mind that.