On the outside, GTA:Vice City is a great sequel to GTA III. But on the inside its the same old GTA.

GTA III surprisingly amazed some video gamer audiences by revolutionizing the "free bird" experience. What that means is like the video game is your freedom. You can kill, steal cars, punch people, and do whatever. Vice City is the same with updates of that. Theres a new story, nice additions to the weapons and cars and such ... On the outside, GTA:Vice City is a great sequel to GTA III. But on the inside its the same old GTA. First, I want to comment on Rockstar's nice efforts to fix some buggys from the PS2 version to the PC's. The obvious change is how much faster it loads. IT runs smoother than the PS2 version does. The graphix look lil bit better and sound is same perfect as ever. Lets talk about the gameplay. If you saw the gamesite reviews off the charts.... and then look at my review's final score... Dont get me wrong. Im being totally honest in this review. You're Tommy, who helps his old time friend get a bunch of money back after some gangster members have stolen from him. What you would do is missions that include viechles like cars, motercycles, boats, and helicopters. You often are commanded to kill someone then retreave a breifcase or such. The graphix dont look bad at all but lets say theyre not so awesome either. The textures look way better on this PC version but is kinda still ugly... The blood the people the bulidings... just dont look realistic or great... Heres the best part. Sound! The gameplay's sound is okay... but while you're driving a car or other transportation viechle, you can switch radio stations which plays some of your favoirte 1980s music. From Michael Jackson to other pop stars to "KChat" (a talk station). The music is so good that the game is worth buying for music as well I read the gamespot reviews and for a rare time... I disagreed heavily. Alot of casual gamers intend to have fun killing those people with guns... then more murders to the cops... sniper shots to the head.. blah blah you name it. Bottom line... this game has like no replay value. Sure it might be fun to blow up and kill everyone/everything... but thats just once in awhile. After like 1hr of doing that or so... its boring I tell you BORING. Its amazing how Rockstar managed to get so much people's attention. Good thing for the value is that alot of missions may keep you busy having fun. Lets not get anything wrong though. Its not a terrible game or bad game like I'm saying it is. This review of course is my own opinion and not some fact. If you LOVED GTA3, this might blow you away,, but if you think GTA games have been over-rated years and years to come... your opinion wont change. I'm one of those people who believe the GTAIII-San Andreas series are over rated... but like I said, If you love the series.. buy it. If not, rent/borrow it from someone else. Have fun