Play two different "Seasons" on PC

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Hi, I've had this problem last year and I'm having this problem again this year, EA foruns are no help, I had FIFA 12 on the PS3 so everytime I loaded the game on a different User account with a different PSN ID the stats would be from scratch, so when my brothers loaded the game they wouldn't mess with my "Seasons", Last year, I decided to buy the game for PC and never found a way to do that again, everytime my brothers played seasons, they mess with my seasons and lose games and stuff, this year I got Fifa for PC again and I'm once again having the same problem, I'm the only one of the three that works, my brothers are still in school, so they can't afford the game and I don't want to spend an extra 100+ on two other copies of the games, does anyone know how I can do this?