Is EA serious about this game?

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Dont get me wrong. I love fifa, I've been a fan of fifa ever since I can remember. Fifa 13 is my all time favorite game.

but what is wrong with fifa 14?! Who was testing this game? 

Overall what pisses me off is how every player feels slow... I have better control on a ball in real life than a professional soccer player in fifa... that's just not right. Players like Messi, Ibra, Aguero, Silva, Iniesta, Bale in the demo have 0 control on the ball... they can't just stop turn stop turn then run and stop and spin anymore. If you dare to press the sprint button... you will lose the ball. That's what soccer is in real life right? The players are NEVER sprinting! it's a game of quick one touch give and sprint. That doesn't exist here... 

-Every Single player feels like a rating of 40 overall. 

-Sloppy touch on the ball, the player has 0 control on the ball. 

-Why is every normal pass I make meant to be a lead pass? 

-LB+Y = Way overpowered! Everyone just lead passes...

Overall... I don't like the Demo I really hope these issues are fixed. Maybe this game wasn't meant to be played on Xbox 360 and is made for Xbox one?

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Yes every time someone tries to sprint is as if you were tapping the left stick automatically.It's clear that next gen is what matter now.

Also the PC version still is stereo only, don't understand why, probably the same lame excuse as next gen engine, most PC gamers only use headphones...

The only good I saw is the slightly better graphics (player faces, shirts and crowds).

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From what I played, this is just another Fifa 12 update.

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WTF EA this game is pure rubbish. No ball control, unrealistic passing. Seems like a PS1 game to me. Pure rubbish.

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Just use customisations settings to resolve the issue, works for me.

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Maybe they are running out of options? Lets hope next gen will be different.

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I think a lot of things you will be able to adjust to in terms of gameplay.. I think the full game is smoother but this freezing crap is aweful