FIFA 14 Upgrade Cost From PS3 to PS4.

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Hi, I live in Ireland and today I made a quick visit to my local gamestop to enquire about Fifa 14 and how much it would cost to upgrade from the PS3 edition to the PS4 edition. I thought I read somewhere that ea would be doing a deal where you could upgrade for 10 Euro. The guy said he wasn't sure as he didn't have any solid information on it yet, but he suspects it wont be that cheap. He said maybe somewhere around the 20 to 25 Euro mark. I was hoping ea were going to make this 10 euro upgrade available across the board, for everyone, and not just select regions. If anyone can throw any light on this for me it would be much appreciated, as I would like to pick the game up at end Sept. But not if its gonna cost me a lot more to upgrade. Thanks :smileyhappy: