Fifa 14 through ball and certain other gameplay mechanics issues.

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After playing FIfa 14 Early Access, I felt that this game is solid in some parts and falls drastically in others that it ruins it for me.Note that this may not apply to everyone and it may be purely subjective so do not base what I write about the game as a deciding factor for whether you would like to purchase the game or not. So firstly what i like about the game is the presentation of the game play as it looks more realistic compared to Fifa 13 which is all good. The problem is that through passes... pressing the through pass almost always reaches its target making it hard to defend or intersect the ball. Maybe I am missing the point but even some few of my friends who have played it tend to agree with what I say. I also feel that it is so much easier to score with headers than it is to take a shot at goal that it is more attractive to take set pieces from crosses and corners. The movement also seems less fluid but that is alright to some extent as the fifa 13 movement had its flaws too. I like the fact that they have made the game play pace slower to add authenticity and allow for build up in plays like the real sport but I think a lot of the inclusions this year takes out the fun in the game play as it seems less fluid and more mechanic. It is more like a simulation but without the same delivery in game play compared to the previous installments. This is what I personally feel about the game and I may be wrong about many aspects so feel free to correct me when necessary. I would like to discuss what you all think about the game play and its overall delivery.