Fifa 14 edit starting lineup/ player boots issue 360

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Hi, sorry if this sounds dumb but I am so confused... I have been selecting different boots for some players in my team - Arsenal, and have also altered my starting lineup. I've done this all via the Profile Manager and Edit Player section as you'd expect... 


However, after I'm done changing the boots and swapping Arsenals starting lineup to NOT include certain players, when I enter 'kick off' mode for a one off match, for some reason my starting lineup is defaulted back to the lineup that Fifa has pre-selected. It's also put the default boots back on all my players..!


Is this all connected to the current squad in real life? ie; injured players aren't in the starting lineup etc..? If so, can I change this? No idea why I can't change their boots!


Any help would be really appreciated! :roll: