This year Fifa 07 is still brilliant but is more realistic than the previous versions.

User Rating: 8.7 | FIFA 07 Soccer PC
Fifa 07 has always been one of the best football games ever created and EA Sports have always succeded in making a Fifa game that is fun to play and the games seem to improve every year, they seem to never get it repetitive and always include new features.

Gameplay this year is the greatest so far with new features which are more interactive crouds which are more realistic and they react to players' moves during the matches and you can clearly hear that if you are home fans shout more and they boo other players even when they foul you. When you are away the home supporters fans boo your team and cheer for theirs. Also you can notice that the away stands (which your fans are in, in an away match) in certain corners of the ground cheer for you but in other sides of the ground people boo you and cheer for their team, it's a little complex to explain but it's amazing how EA manage to include these tiny new features. Another new feature is a new interactive online player league which you can play online with real life fixtures every week so it's even more realistic online! It's amazing how EA seems to improve their controls every year this year you can experience better and more realistic skills from players which they even included some famous players signature moves and signature free kicks from the best players in the world. Create a Club is also a feature that I enjoyed which you can create a club and enter them in leagues and making them the best! There is only one thing that I did not like, gameplay varies so much if you play on the easiest mode you score like 8 goals to nil while on semi-pro, pro and world class it's so furious to score a goal and your defenders never seem to go on the ball it's the only thing that made me mad in this game!

Graphics this year are sweet, players react even more if they miss shots and they have various celebrations which some of them can be unlocked when winning points for winning leagues and tournament. Players look so life-like and you can clearly see how they get tired and the way they run when they are tired, this takes the game to a whole new human-like realism. Weather this year also effect the quality of you shot and if you aren't careful the ball will go in the fans stand.

Sound and Commentary are the best this year where the Commentary comments on players performence, how much they missed and scored and they even notice the weather and when the rain stops or begins they pass comments on that too. Soundtrack this year is from various known and some not well known bands, but the soundtrack is enjoyable and after a while you play the game and you begin settling you may find yourself humming a tune or singing along with it, this reflects that EA carefully chooses it's songs for soundtracks so they can be enjoyable to the users and you don't get bored when loading, creating a team (which takes some time), making transfers and so on.

Well this year we are going to enjoy a good FIFA game which is realistic and fun to play and most of all you won't get bored quickly because there are tons of modes you can choose from if you get bored from one so this game will keep you busy for ages but it's difficult to say how much because it depends on how much you love soccer in my case "addicted to soccer" I find myself playing FIFA all year (seriously) but if you are not a huge fan of soccer you still get to enjoy this game and it should keep you busy for a month or two.

The Good: This year there are new features and the game is much more realistic than previous versions. Soundtrack is enjoyable too this year and graphics are sharp football fields look good and players are similar to real life players.

The Bad: Very, very few. Controls can get frustrating at times and sometimes to score can be frustrating too since controls are sensitive and to hit the back of the net can be a pain, but you'll get over that for sure.