Nice Graphics, Fun game play, very funny characters Over all a must buy!! ...

Battlefield Bad company:
Graphics: the graphics are great but a step short of amazing! you really start to appreciate the quality of the graphics especially around explosions and forestry, the shadows in the game are mainly used to make the lighting more eye catching... but this ain't no call of duty 4
Game Play: It is really fun just running round and instead of using the door blowing a hole in the wall instead, even though battlefield bad company now has a campaign mode, this is still played out in the old battlefield style of thousands of vehicles and a completely explorable environment.
Multi player: The new game type 'Gold rush' is extremely fun when there is 8+ players any less than this you will find yourself bored to death trying to find a bad guy. the multi player does not live up to call of duty 4 though but is addictive.
9/10 :D