Fate: Undiscovered Realms Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Destroy every chest, urn, barrel and wooden box on a single level. The Wrecker
    Use any spell 100 times. Witchcraft Master
    Transform your pet in all the available companions. Dream Pet
    Reach the maximum level of Spear Skill. Lance An Awful Lot
    Get 50 critical hits! Smasher
    Recover and return to the statues all the stolen equipment of the legendary heroes from Druantia and Typhoon. Prince of Thieves
    Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds Light Speed Killer
    Send your pet to town at least 10 times from the 40th floor. Good Boy!
    Complete the game in Hardcore Mode. Reckless Fate
    Collect all 6 Fate cards in any one set. Sky is the limit

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Codes

    On adventure screen press ctrl, shift, and -. Then click the ? on the left side

    Code Effect
    Gold Gives you 500000 gp
    Heal Heals you
    levelup You level up
    Descend # Descend that number of levels in the dungeon (replace # with a number, i.e. 5)
    Ascend # Go up the number of levels in the dungeon (replace # with a number, i.e. 5)
    God Instantly gain ten levels, and eight to your pet.
    'Item Name' Summon that item on the screen, i.e. Light Handaxe.
    'Monster Name' Summon that monster on the screen, i.e. Death Cap.
    HEROITEMS Displays what levels in Druantia and Typhon the Hero Items are on.
    AMNESIA Takes you back to town.
    REQUEST 'name of questgiver' Gives the questgiver you typed in a new quest. so you don't have to enter the dungeon and come back.
    fame Give 1000 Fame only

    Contributed by: Koopagangsta