Well If your a patient gamer and love old school platformers this game is for you.

I did like this game,didnt love it but it grew up on me.For some reason Little Big Planet reminds me of super mario.Basicly its almost the same gameplay.You jump gaps,kill your enemies by jumping on top of them and you are killed by just getting touch by the enemies or the risk around your enviroments.Now The reason I didnt really love Little big Planet is that right there,its anoying when you waste all your life circle you have to star the whole level by the begining.Now that wouldnt be a problem if getting far on a level wouldnt be so hard.This game is good I gave it a 9 cause this game deserves it,I would have rated it lower but it wouldnt be fair just because the game got to hard almost at the end.

Okay good stuff about the game,I love the graphics they are top notch,nothing bad to say about them.All those videos you saw of lbp prior to the realease are all there.The graphics are beutiful.Nothing bad to say about the graphics.

I like the soundtrack.Not every song but I like most of the songs.Almost every level has their own song.The songs are of unknown bands.Only time youll get anoy by the music is when you get stuck and the song keeps playing over and over again.

I have only created one world I really havent spend alot of time at it,but while I was making my level I really got into it.Takes alot of time but its fun and eganging.I know lots of gamers are really into the user created stuff which Lbp offers alot.You probably got Lbp cause of this feature.

Now gameplay is the reason I didnt really felt in love with Lbp like I wanted to.Controls are responsive so theres nothing to complain about. I wonder why they had to go with such old school gameplay which is really frustrating.I think the developer should had given sack boy a little more defence instead of just jumping on top of your enemies.Pretty much if your touch by them or fire etc you imedialty die.Now the question is why did they have to do the gameplay so old school? Right now Iam about to finish the game but iam stuck becaue as you progress the levels get harder and harder.Its seems like every level you finish is by luck.Which I did finish by luck.Iam not a patient gamer probably the reason I did not love Lbp so much.

The story is... umm.Well each world has its own story.There not bad but I wish Sack boy would so some more inmerse in each the story of each world.Thats my only gripe about the story.

Well if you own a PS3 and grew up playing mario this game is for you.Be warned if you decide to get Lbp be patient and prepared to be challenge take it as it is.