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User Rating: 5 | Fatal Inertia X360
Okay, this game has good graphics and in the beginning it gives you hope of becoming a seasoned racer. However...Once you reach "Elite" status, you better have a bottle of Prozac handy. At the "Elite" level, the computer controlled racers are perfect. This gives you NO room for error on the tracks. You better be precise in customizing your car and know how to fly like the wind while handling the car as well. If you want a game that will push your anger to an all new level.......this is it. I've played this game for a while now and it still blows my mind how in the "Elite" races, the largest, slowest vehicle in the game can leave your car in the dust...when it's flown by the computer. This game takes away a lot of the playability when it becomes so hard, any chance of winning will require constant hours of playing and cramps in your hands & wrists.