If you really want to play Fatal Fury then you such only play the original version on the Neo Geo.

User Rating: 2.5 | Garou Densetsu SNES
Game Title: Fatal Fury
Platform: SNES
Developer: SNK
Publisher: Takara
Genre: Fighting
Age Rating: N/A
Release Date: 27th November 1992 (Japan), 1993 (US and Europe)
Game Score: 2.5/10
If you really want to play Fatal Fury then you such only play the original version on the Neo Geo.
If I were to comment on console ports of arcade games then I can mostly say that with the right technology and also with polish it would be a great conversion to have. Unfortunately SNK and Takara take a opportunity to port Fatal Fury to consoles like the Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive which are ultimately inferior but the SNES version, at least in my experience could possibly be the worst version of the game.

Unless you're familiar with the plot of Fatal Fury then I afraid I'm not going to explain it in this review, I already discussed it in detail in Neo Geo review of this game. I'm only going to talk about the game play of this port.

Fatal Fury is a fighting game as you would already notice and you pick from one of three fighters Terry, Andy and Joe and then pick one of four CPU opponents to start against. As for the gameplay it's a real pain to actually control making the game a battle more then an enjoyable experience. You have one button for punching, one button for kicking and lastly a button for throwing. You can pull special moves by pulling off button combinations but however some of them don't even work when you need them to work which leaves you vulnerable. Also the hit detection is awful because sometimes when you try to hit an opponent with a special move just as one gets up it passes through them without causing any damage. Trying to throw your opponents down the ground is a problem because your character will take a full second to actually grab an opponent which leaves him open to an enemy's incoming attack.

The ultimate blow to this version is that it removes the two plane fighting system that the original game had so you've got on top of the broken mechanics is a poor quality fighting game.

You might be able to win most of your battles in the game but you get to the last fights you're going to have a very hard time with them, not just because they're hard or because you're fighting the final boss but it's because of the broken mechanics. Fighting Geese Howard is the worst in the game, it's one thing to have a bad fighting system but toss in his counters and overpowered fireballs that he'll throwing at you then you'll end up with the worst case of SNK Syndrome.

On the SNES Fatal Fury's graphics are passable with the big sprites and flashy attacks. The animations on some of the fighters simply make them look stupid and also the daytime cycle is a little screwed up, in Round 3 it goes back to being day where it should be nighttime. The Soundeffects are the worst that this game offers and seriously the poor quality music and annoying tunes will make you want to mute the TV.

There are way better fighting games out there for the SNES so if you really want to play SNK's first array into fighting games then let me tell you something. Do not ever purchase this version of the game if you dare see it in stores and stick to the Neo Geo original, or just play Street Fighter II's console ports that are way better then to play this.
The Good Points:
1. CPU Characters are playable on the Versus Mode

The Bad Points:
1. Broken fighting mechanics and the two plane fighting system is gone
2. Horrible Soundeffects and music
3. Geese Howard is extremely difficult to win due to the bad mechanics
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)