Farming Simulator 2011 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    There are more than 5 million $ on your account. Well-Heeled
    Your total driving distance has increased to over 1000 miles. Very Frequent Driver
    You have found and returned 50 bottles. The Cleaner
    You have sown more than 10 hectares. Sower
    Your wealth has surpassed 10 million $. Pots of Gold
    Your account has reached more than 1 million $. Nouveau-Riche
    You have covered more than 100 miles with vehicles. Mobile Farmer
    The total area sown by you exceeds 100 hectares. Mass Production
    Your playing time in a single savegame has reached over 10 hours. Longplayer
    You have harvested more than 100 hectares. Harvest King
    You have harvested more than 10 hectares. Fruits of Your Labor
    You have found and returned all 100 bottles. Bottle Master

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Any amount of money in career

    Go to my documents on your desktop (or open up my computer then my documents), open a folder called "My Games" you will see another folder entitled "Farming Simulator 2011", open it up. Since there are 6 different save games you can save your career under, open the one that corresponds to your career (ex: savegame1). Once that is open you will see a file titled careerSavegame, right click on it and go to "open with" and select notepad. At this point notepad will be open and you will see what looks like a bunch of garbled crap. Scroll over until you see a line that reads: valid="true" money="11467" Where the numbers are is your amount of money. Change the numbers to whatever amount of money you want. Save, close the file and go play the game, and your money will be there.

    Contributed by: jamieriddle19