For the Love of God Ubisoft What on God's Green Earth have you done to Farcry?

User Rating: 3.7 | Far Cry Vengeance WII
Let me start out by saying, if you have the slightest inkling to buy this game, Don't. Unless you are a gamer who is very, and I mean VERY generous with their tolerance of Low Fps, horible controls, and bad AI, then do not waste your time. I ended up buying this game from Gamestop for the price of 50 dollars expecting for it to be a good game, seeing that the original for PC was one of my all time favorites. So I put it in my Wii, and the menus seem a little undone, but who cares about the menus right? Then the horrorfest begins. It starts out with a video that looks like it was made for the N64, horrible graphics, horrible voice acting, and horrible voice syncronization. I end up watching it for some reason, maybe in shock because it's so bad. So I get to the gaming time, and I notice that the aim is a little stiff, so I pump up the sensitivity all the way, but to my suprise, nearly no change. So it takes about 3 seconds to turn around, which is disadvantage #1. Then comes the bad FPS. It's like playing Counter-Strike on a windows 95. I played for about 20 minutes and felt like throwing my Wii remote out the window. They tried to put vehicles in the game...That was very unsuccessful. I feel like I am writing way too much for this joke of a game, and Ubisoft, please do not scar the Farcry name any more than you have already.