It is as good as it looks, and it looks amazing! THANK GOD there is fast travelling.The skill system is very rewa

User Rating: 9 | Far Cry 3 PS3
The "high" point for me was the "Burn the marijuana crops mission"! Did anyone else loved that? It was crazy fun when it played that reggae/dubstep song...I think the singer is skrillex.
I really liked and really hated at the same time Far Cry 2, I never finished the god damn game cause of the stupid outposts and the frustrating traveling system...oh, and the disease, maleria was it? awfull.. the weapon jamming was cool though, realistic..
The stealthy aproach is great, hiding in the grass, throwing rocks to destract the enemies.
And the skill sets you earn as you progress is great, Most FPS games have stupid melee attacks. The ability to carry the bodies should be added, and perhaps the choise to poison or put to sleep the enemies...why not? And maybe a samurai sword or something.
and motorcycles, and parachutes,