In summary ... a beautiful roof on a weak foundation with shaky supporting walls

User Rating: 8.5 | Far Cry 3 PC
Great or close to great:
- environment: 10/10
- enjoyment potential (game as a game): 10/10
- length: 10/10
- visuals/graphics: 8.5/10 (strangely this game looks better that the quality of its graphics -- the game definitively is not a graphics ground-breaking game as was the original FarCry by Crytek at that time)
- multiplayer/co-op included: 8/10 (needs further work and fixing, but at least they made an effort)

Mediocre to Average:
- audio (specifically weapons' sounds): 7/10
- gameplay movement/mechanics: 6/10 (the provided mechanics are smooth for the most part, but also primitive in many ways: no prone, no lean right or left from cover, no dedicated "take cover" system (except crouch)
- console-to-PC conversion: 5/10

- no simultaneous use of mouse/keyboard (lets say, for everything but driving) and gamepad (for example, just for driving); it's only either one or the other: 3/10
- QT events: 3/10 (simply QTEs don't belong in this game; breaking the gameplay; keyboard key-mashing procedure is rightfully frowned upon; it's silly; something that belongs on a console but not on PC; etc.)
- uPlay: 2.5 (seems every game producer wants to have a game portal that's embarrassingly flawed and crappy; unnecessary junk that may be a cause to a variety of tech issues, especially if one already runs Steam platform)
- no separate background music volume control (you can either turn it off or on, but not regulate the volume): 2.5/10

Worse Than Bad (Hall of Shame):
- in game menus: 1/10 (one would have to try hard to make menus this bad and confusing; frequent crashes/freezes in menus too)
- saves/checkpoints/saves technique: 1/10 (absolutely the worst; frequent loss of progress; can't save during a "mission", even when saving during the "free roaming", invoking that save returns you to a closest checkpoint)

Overall, this is an amazing game in terms that absolutely the best and absolutely the worst are combined in one package. What saves this game is the gameplay in an extraordinary environment build up on a story that is lame, unbelievable, and cheaply exciting at the same time. Frankly, once you are immersed in this game it feels like a solid 10, but looking at all the problematic issues, realistically an 8/10 is a gift. Score: 8.3/10.