Sights don't work. Please help!!!

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I play on PC and my weapon sights don't work. My sniper rifle's sight, and both sights that can be bought for the bow just flat out don't work. there is no guide to shooting inside the little round thing. Is there something wrong with my computer? the graphics settings? what's the deal? Please help me!
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If you wan't help, maybe you should be more specific?

What do you mean that they don't work??? They work perfectly fine.

Put dot/cross/diamond over enemy, shoot. Done.


I hope you realize that the bow is not like the rest of the guns and you have to account for arrow drop. You understand that, don't you?

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This happened to me when I tried to change the ATI settings to over ride the game settings. I simply set them back to the let the game decide defaults. All in Catalyst Control Centre, BTW. I never bothered to work out which setting did it. I just bunged the lot back to default.