Nostalgia Boat Problem with "mash"button/function.

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Playing on Ps3,and Ive tried 50 damned times to get past guy underwater-keep pressing "mash"button,manage to kick him away ONCE,then he stabs me! it seems the "mash"button/function,only works very haphazardly.So all i can do is keep going on all the side quests.Has anyone any hints how to beat this problem?
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I have the same problem with this game's segment and I have played it numerous times to a point that I wish I had never purchased this game. I may not buy another game from Ubisoft. That is how frustrated I am at this point. I have spent so much time trying to get thorough "Piece of the Past" I am fed up with Far Cry 3. It's to bad It could be a good value but this segment ruined it for me!

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Same thing with me. I've tried defeating the underwater pirate 5 or 6 times now, but every time I die. Frustrating how such a great game is getting ruined for me by this stupid glitch. Apparently though it's random, as other players report little or no issues getting past this part.
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The trick, or way it's supposed to be played is to kick him away at the second prompt. Think of it as a Right trigger (or keyboard command) /left trigger (or key command) combo. You will kick him away on the 2nd prompt . There are a few of these types of battles and climb sequences coming up, (xbox -right trigger left trigger combos) Get back me when ###%%$^$$%^$$%$ a little later on. :) anyways first manuever is to grab then time it so you kick the focker away. (2nd promt) (took four times last night,

There is a fight later on where It took me 5 times to win, TIME the mashes with HIS actions, IE his arm moves up, you counter, Think Dark Souls type of timing here. look to the screen for trigger prompts.

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Thanx for the tip, amigo. Space Bar +C+E = victory, in just one try no less! Sucked having to waste all that time getting past that choke point though.
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I am ready to shelve this game, after 8 hours 11pm till 7 am this morning and this is the third time on this mission and 40 hours, I cannot get the space + c +e to work. Are you supposed to hold down the space bar when you get the C or let go of space bar then hit C? I get the two prompts very fast it seens like when I hit space nothing really happens and when the c prompt comes up he just keeps hold and I have plenty of deep dives, so i.m not drowning, but after 50 prompt scenes I feel like quitting. Can anybody offer me some advice?