Map playing community? lets make new map playing easy.

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Ok so to even remotely have some people play our new maps, i think we should get some kind of thing going, a website, or group for people to view our maps and play them since the dumb system sets it in bronze for no-one to play. Really i don't want to make maps for nothing on a great updated editor. P.s my uplay account wont sync with my 360 account so info can work correctly. any ways i can connect it together? thx.
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This is a good idea. I don't know on consoles cause I haven't been able to get in many multiplayer matches (for some reason, ubisoft's multiplayer servers are always screwed (grfs, ac, and now this)) but I been reading about people remaking maps like, counterstrikes Dust and Aztec, BLOPS nuketown, Battlefield's wake island, and the potential is huge for the multiplayer to thrive. hope this topic gets bumped