I really hope that the stealth is done well

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Farcry instincts had kind of iffy stealth. Farcry 2's AI was not very realistic, that being said stealth WAS an option and COULD be done, it was just hard to make it go smoothly. Though in farcry 2 I must say sneaking into a base with the dart rifle and remote explosives was extremeley satisfying when it worked.

Now in one of the E3 videos it is clearly mentioned that Jason "learns stealth" in his journey to become a warrior. We've seen how versitile the knife is and I think that Ubi realised that the way the machete worked in farcry 2 was preeeetty downright stupid (it couldn't stelath kill for those who don't remember, you could sneak up and stab them in the spine however they still required another stab when they were on the ground to finish them off and because of the unrealistic AI, every other enemy in the area was alerted the minute you did stab them with the machete).

We've got a bow as well for silent kills, plus some added mobility and agility to traverse the jungle. So does it come down to AI? Will they be psychic with thermal vision to see through dense jungle in hte dark, or will they be realistic and we'll actually have a chance at some legit stealth play?

Because I find it odd that past farcry games have had a bit of a stealth focus, or at least to ability to focus on stealth though it has never been implemented properly. 

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That was my biggest beef with FC2 was stealth. It seemed like something they intended on implementing but it didn't get implemented very well. Hell, despite there being and actual stealth suit in the game, the sniper on top of the house, sitting on the side of the mountain, a mile a way, in the middle of the night, could see me hiding under a giant bush in prone. 

The other thing I would like to see is the ability to be able to drive around without the enemy knowing who I am unless I attack them, do something crazy, or if they are realistically close enough to see who I am. This business of enemies waaaaaaaay off in the distance instantly knowing who I am and unloading everything they have needs to stop. I would like to see something like what we saw in Mercenaries where you become disguised to a certain degree driving certain vehicles.

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You're certainly right; the knife kills in FC 2 were a let down, and very non stealthy to boot! Don't think I'd hold my breath on stealth in FC 3 being consistently realistic. I've watched several of the videos and "our" character is clearly sneaking around while maintaining "visual" from really iffy cover/concealment on one or more of the bad guys in some out posts. Not very believable stealth in my book. Oh well.......maybe it'll be better in the finished game. I'm more of a distraction and kill, or ambush and kill kinda player anyway....................Honey! Have you seen my molotov cocktails??

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Stealth in this game is actually done well. For starters you can hide in a bush and enemies won't spot you (unless you jump up and down and dance). You can do some nice stealth knife kills AND you don't even need to be all up in their area, maybe a good 2-3 feet behind them and you can stealth kill. There's even a skill trait that allows you to drag their bodies after stealth killing them so you can hide them in bushes. You can also throw rocks so you can get enemies to move into an area of your choosing and stealth them. The weapons with silencers actually feel silenced so if you pop someone their buddy in the far off distance won't suddenly hear you and come rushing to their aid. As far as disguises and being noticed, none of the first part but the second isn't so bad. You get a white arrow pointing in the direction of where an enemy "sees" you and if it fills and flashes congrats you got spotted, but if you hide fast enough you're good. So I think the stealth in this is better than FC 2 and I'm not even factoring in how better it'll be if you develop your stealth skills further via skill tree.
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i agree it's decent. i like the cover system, but some may say it's not the most responsive when you're ducking and peeking in and shooting in bursts quickly. i just force myself to use it only for scanning an area though. plan a fight and just rely on running to bushes if overwhelmed. it's not a particularly challenging game and you get a lot of help that FC2 didn't give you. reloading while sprint skill. just aiming at targets can mark them and they're visible through walls afterwards. no ridiculous enemy perception like in Far Cry 1 where they'd actually see the rock you threw before it even lands LOL. They are a bit stupid as far as you being able to stick your fat head out behind cover and see so much yet they don't see you, but it's not as unrealistic as Dishonored. Stealth is not perfect but it's very simple and will rarely screw you over or frustrate you
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I think that the stealth is pretty poor. Nowhere near to Splinter Cell.

2 big problems are:

1.) Theres no prone in this game.

2.) It's unrealistic, because sometimes you can crouch directly in the line of sight of an enemy, about 10 meters away from him and he won't spot you!

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Well it'd be wrong to compare the stealth of an open-world FPS to the stealth of a third-person game revolving around the idea of constant stealth. As for the crouching in front of someone, hiding in lush jungle bushes and not being spotted doesn't seem too far off, but I agree it is a little off but I wouldn't call the stealth poor.
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Played 3 hours ( 7% ) so far. Stealth is not perfect or realistic, but tagging enemies via the camera and tracking their movement, followed by takedowns is still a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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I thought stealth was great. You can't ever expect a game like this to have stealth on the level of Splinter Cell or Metal Gear, it would make the game too tedious for most players. I play on normal and enemies can spot you from REALLY far away if you're not careful in the open. In high grass and bushes however you can become almost invisible. The stealth takedowns are great, and the bow kicks ass.