How the Hell do you get out of the Skill Points Menu?

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Just started playing the game and I am to the point where I've gathered a few plants and a couple boar hides and the dude has me make some med kits and a bag. Then it goes to a skill points menu where you select Takedown. How the hell do you get out of this fricken menu?

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Are you playing on PC, XBOX or PS3?

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Tried hitting ESC?
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yes and just about every other key I can try.
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have to also learn 'sliding', in the spider section of the skill menu (i think)
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yeah...that was the problem....finally got out of that menu. Now I have another problem....I've ridden with the dude in the jeep and can't get out of the jeep. I've got my interact set as end on my keyboard and it says to press and hold end to exit the vehicle which I've done and I can't get out.

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I reset to default keys and with the interact set back to E, I can get out.