God mode for PC?

#1 Posted by DrDobalina (47 posts) -

Hi, just got this game, getting bored with the "sneaking out of camp" **** at the start. Is there a god mode to be invisible or whatever to skip this?

#2 Posted by I_hate_haters (91 posts) -

You're already bored less than 10 minutes into the game?

#3 Posted by Lahusair (151 posts) -
Just get another game ;)
#4 Posted by DrDobalina (47 posts) -

Just used a trainer in the end so I could skip past that crap ;-) I like the fun bits, not following some guy's ass through a level for 10 minutes with no weapons!

#5 Posted by DrDobalina (47 posts) -

Meh, wasn't impressed with this. Only played about 20 mins after skipping the "sneaking" bit. Nothing I haven't seen in 20 other games, to be honest. Gone back to replaying Deus Ex HR - looks and plays 10 times better than this crap, with a much better storyline!