Far Cry 3 periodic FPS drop.

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I was just wondering if anyone by any chance have also had a periodic drop in FPS? My FPS goes from around 40-50 to around 5-10 periodicaly about every few minutes and it does not seem to matter if no ones on the screen or if i'm in the middle of a large firefight. It even happens in the middle of poker. My specs on my computer are admitadly realy low end nowdays, but i will post them if it helps. GTX 9800 512mb AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.0 4GB RAM. Winodws 7 64 home premium. So far i'v went to a driver for my card that was version 310.70 as someone sugested, beta, and i'v turned off a few things like FXAA and a few others. Both in game, and some in the Nvidia managment on the program it self. So far, 30-50+ is average on medium, besides the FPS drop mentioned above, and it happens no matter my graphical settings. Prety much i expect some lag, but not a drop of 30-40 FPS and just randomly. So any help would be great.
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Are your temperatures ok? Also, not running any background programs that might cause CPU slow-down? Those are the first things I'd check. Try playing offline as well I know when the game first came out there were problems with Ubi connections slowing down games.

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Thank you for the reply. Well i checked background programs and tried with little to nothing running, and it appears the computer is running normal on heat. But i went into game and waited for it to happen then tabbed out with the tast manager open and i saw that the CPU usage goes from 50-60% to 90+% during that time. Although, i still can't find a solution. Ok i just checked, my CPU is running 77 C (177 F) mainboard 36 C (97 F) Video card 67 C (153 F) Hard Disk 36 C (97 F) and Fan speed is at 3,013 RPM while i'm playing. Also i did try to run in offline as well, still happening.
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CPU is way too hot for my standards! Turn up all fans and open the computer panel to let is be cooler. Also, turn the graphics to "optimal" and see if it's still doing it..