Do Relics do anything? Or just a collectible?

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I just started and mustve missed the description on relics. Do they do anything for you? Or are they just collectibles scattered throughout the island?

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You get to buy a signature shotgun called Bull for collecting 10 and a sniper rifle called AMR for collecting 20.
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Oh ok awesome thanks! Does the mail get you any kind of items too?

Im not a fan of collecting things in games just to collect them, but if it gets me something I will definitely look for them.

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Collecting 6 letters of the lost gets you Japanese Tanto, which deals more melee damage than the regular machete.
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awesome, ill collect those too then. thanks

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You also get 250XP for each relic you collect. So they're worth collecting.

But getting them all I think would be tedious and would ruin the gameplay experience.

I just get the ones I see on the way.

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Signature weapons and achievements.