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Are there any up yet anywhere? The Tigers and Komodo Dragons are whipping me up. Plus I'm a C5-C6 quad so gunplay is kinda challenging. Thanks in advance guys.

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You can find trainers at Trainers are basically software that injects itself when you run the game. They present a variety of cheats to choose from, like God Mode, Infinite Ammo, No Reload, etc. You will have to enable the trainer every time you play the game. They are entirely harmless, even if your anti-virus tells you otherwise. Gamecopyworld may look shoddy but it's clean.
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Ok thanks bud. I was curious.
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I'm not sure how trainers work when using Uplay actually. Since the game has achieves and multiplayer Ubi might want to prevent people from using trainers?
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I found one and it totally helps me out. I love exploring without dieing constantly. Thanks so much for the info man.
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People who use god mode and cheats are not gamers, they are fake....
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Cheating is using something to give you an advantage other human players don't have access to e.g. speed or wall hacks etc. Cheating the AI in single player?? I'm pretty sure the AI won't give a rap if you use one in SP.

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I wouldn't consider myself a fake gamer. I'm a C5C6 Quadriplegic so using a keyboard and mouse isn't the easiest thing for me to do. I love pc gaming but I also enjoy console gaming (no cheats). I just enjoy the experience of games and exploration without dieing constantly. Cheers:)