Anyone want to watch awesome far cry 3 / gaming videos

#1 Posted by DizzyWingz (1 posts) - I am uploading a video everyday. I just got an hd elgato capture card so all my videos can be enjoyed in 720p please subscribe! thank you!:D
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This is my first post and I am in need of help. I just recently bought a Elgato Game Capture HD Device and hooked the USB cable to my computer, downloaded the software, plugged the HDMI Out from the Device to the TV, and plugged the special A.V cable to the PS3. The only problem is the Display settings switch. I run my PS3 on HDMI and the Device tells me to run it on Component D-Terminal. A Step-by-Step video told me to hold down the power button until I hear the second beep. I did all of that, but when my screens turns back on, it shows a message saying something like, "A HDMI device has been found, would you like to use it." The first time I pressed no, but then my screen just went black forever. So I unplugged everything, replugged it and tried again. Same thing, and this time I pressed Yes. It took me back to the originial screen with the accounts and stuff. I clicked on mine, went to the Display Settings and chose Component D-Terminal, and it says, "You are about to change your Display Setting, if it is not correct, your screen will go back to the previous settings in 30 seconds." and I just wait 30 seconds and goes back to the orignial settings. I didn't have much time to try anything else since it was almost 11 at night, but I wanted to post a forum response to be safe. I was really excited about my new little device, but I'm starting to get worried that I'll never be able to use it. I have really bad luck with electronics, like suprisingly bad luck. Please respond. Thank you.