am i the only one that cant find a match online? 360

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cod works fine why not this

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I'm on PS3 and I can't find anything. The game says there are over 90 matches going on in TDM right now, and I can't get into a single one.

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i knnoow. it wierd i dont see much people saying anything about it.
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hmm it works when i do playlist instead of quick match, fyi

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i get the same thing. sometimes i need to restart the game because it says there is a error in my profile and will not let me join a game. the system sucks.
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samething for me  ... multiplayer and coop are so long and the only games i can join have like 6 players only  wtf ?

+ when i check to see how many players are in a playlist .. its like 71 0r 43 0r even 0 sometimes

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If this game could optimize it's matchmaking I think it would be a winner. I love this multiplayer. It's CoDesque to be certain, but it still feels purer. Like Modern Warfare 1 or something. People rip on the multiplayer but then complain about CoD Black Ops. But then they KEEP PLAYING BLACK OPS! The hell man??