A good looking game with some good ideas but has a dull story and annoying features that slows the action down.

User Rating: 7 | Far Cry 2 X360
Far Cry 2 is a beautiful game, exploring the wilds is great fun, searching out treasures and hide outs is great fun and in my view the strongest part of the game. Fire looks amazing and is extremely dangerous it soon spreads engulfing the land and cutting you off. surviving isn't the easier in this game but this is not a bad thing it's great to have a game that is challenging. Missions are very open you can choose the method of attack, driving in through the front gate, sneak around the edges of snip from afar. Though usually it always comes down to an all out fire fight as the stealth systems isn't very robust enemies seem to know exactly where you are after one shot even if you are a sniper from a distance. The game contains an array of wild life which makes the land feel alive, but other than good fun to run over in your jeep they do little, even the slightest bump and they die but they do add a nice feel to the game. So if you want to do some exploring I suggest this game, it does it well and will take up a lot of your time.

Sadly the story isn't that strong, you are sent to kill a man know as the jackel, when running into him the story is entertaining but we see little of him. The story seems to have little impact on anything, you work for one fraction and then swap to the other with no impact what so ever. It doesn't matter who you work for as everyone will shoot at you on sight, not much friendly AI in this game, what is annoying even when working for a fraction they'll be against you. You do have some allies in the game which can help even the odds but they aren't very smart they run out and get knocked down, These are your friends so you want to save them and if they die in a level they stay dead which is a nice bit of pressure in the game. The story doesn't seem to go any where, levels are challenging but still are fun so that's the main thing. Action does get slowed down by having to un-jam rusty weapon, or popping malaria (the whole illness thing adds a sense of reality but it's no fun) pills or injecting your self to heal. Healing isn't fast enough, when you get to a low state you'll have to pull bullets out your self but if you get hit your character stops. As for character you have a choice to start with, just pick the first one, it makes no difference at all in the story or anything other than what your arm looks like. As for the weapon jamming upgrades are available but this only affects weapons in your storage not ones you may have to pick up.

Choices in the game lead to no different impact. In one section I chose to to do one event of another, this resulted in my friends being killed in the the story only to see them alive an well at the end. So when I replayed the game and chose the other option they survived and a part of the ending made sense. I say don't put choice in the game if two endings aren't going to be produced, the illusion of choice was not a welcome one from me. When traveling in missions objectives can be miles away fast travel can get you close but it still can take ages to get there. In this time you've been constantly shot at, and to repair your car every two yards and stop to take your pills. I find the campaign would be amazing if local co-op available this could make the game on of my favorites. But alone it gets boring, with no engaging story it has become a game I wish I didn't buy. It's strange to think how a slit screen co-op could change a game so much it really would be such a blast.

If you are looking for multiplayer I have never heard of anyone use it, thats my sum up of the online presences this game has.

This is far from one of my favorite games but it does have some great features. I did enjoy running around and doing what I wanted, the freedom given is unbeatable. But with the constant stop as start f gameplay and weak story it results in this game spending most it's life on the shelf. I completed the story twice and parts are interesting when dealing with the jackel but he is absent for to much of the game. The game starts strong, but drags in the middle big parts in the story do make interesting but I'd say only about four parts of the story made me sit up. If you like first person shooter and not that fussed by a story or even looking something to kill some time by all means get this game, parts are really good but the boring bits drag it down. Just don't pay full price, the are plenty other better games for that sort of money.

(The score given is a low 7. As 6.5 felt to low but 7.5 to high)