Destructible Buildings? Nonexistent. Advanced AI? Sub par. Living breathing world? Dead. Half Baked? Totally!

User Rating: 5 | Far Cry 2 PC
My expectations for this game before it was released is as follows:

One large sandbox environment filled with plenty of interesting characters and people to see, nonlinear gameplay, entertaining story, dynamic AI (shooting guys in legs and leaving them as bait), destructible environments, and fun weapons.

Some of what I just mentioned is in the game, but plenty is not. One of the biggest disappointments was the lack of destructible environments. I was expecting Crysis level of destruction with the addition of fire propagation for added fun. Instead the things you can destroy seem almost random. All buildings are static fixtures with the exception of an occasional breakable boarded up window. There appears to only be specific set pieces that cause the destruction of buildings which is far from the level of destruction I was lead to believe from interviews.

The supposedly impressive AI is actually nothing special if not worse than Crysis or other current games. All that crap in the trailers showing the player shooting people in the foot and leaving them as bate is practically nonexistent. I've seen enemies get into vehicles, drive 20 feet into a wall, make a few more attempts at the wall, before I put them out of their misery.

The missions in the game are generic and repetitive. Rather than murdering my way through an abandoned World War 2 Japanese aircraft carrier, jumping off an epic cliff, taking out dozens of helicopters while the boat I am on explodes around me, or getting owned by a bunch of Trigens, I get to drive around in crappy vehicles, crappy respawning checkpoints, and endless jungle that looks the same everywhere.

There is an awkward weapons system where you are allowed to hold one handgun, one assault rifle, one heavy caliber rifle, one special rifle, and a special item. This sounds good right? Well for some reason, sniper rifles and assault rifles are categorized in the same spot so you may often come into difficult situations where you have a handgun and a sniper rifle, but no decent mid or close range weapon because you can't have an AK and a sniper rifle at the same time. But hey you can have an RPG and Sniper Rifle at the same time! Yay for realism!

And probably one of the most annoying parts in this game is the map and scope. Given that the game takes place in a ridiculously large sandbox which somehow manages to still be boring, you often have to consult your map. The map loves to take up over half the screen making it difficult to see where you're going. In addition if you want to scope out targets before taking on a base, you're forced to use this crappy hand scope thing torn off of a sniper rifle. Realism is so awesome isn't it? In order to use the scope, you need to open your map and right click. Once equipped, the scope is always super zoomed in making it difficult to find anything even if you saw it with your naked eyes.

The world of Farcry 2 is dead or maybe all of the militia murdered every civilian. The weather effects help a lot in immersion and dynamic day/night, but aside from the random African militia dude, there are no villagers whatsoever.

Finally the game has nothing to do with the original Farcry. For some reason Crytek sold the rights to Farcry to the Devil a.k.a. Ubisoft. That lovely company that loves anti-pirating schemes that made it impossible to play the game at first even though I bought the game legitimately. I know most people whined and **** at the Trigens and only wanted human encounters. So as a result we get zero Trigens and only humans in a much more down-to-earth setting. Personally I would have rather seen the creators address the complaints with the Trigens by making them more interesting and less difficult to fight. The game reeks of being a cheap average crappy sell out pile of crap since the second game has nothing to do with the first.

Farcry 2 is not the sequel to Farcry, but a half-baked game that fails to deliver on its promises. I recommend renting this if you really think it may be good. But if you really want to play it I recommend stealing it because giving Ubisoft undeserved money is not only wrong but it should be a crime. Don't be the unfortunate soul such as myself who was tricked into buying this game only to discover it's crap!