Quitting ROB for Fantasica, looking for Fantasica 5* and 6*'s

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I am quitting ROB for Fantasica. I want to trade my ROB cards for Fantasica 5* and 6*'s


ROB cards:

[Fallen Paladin] Dark Knight Luciella (SS Rare) ATK: 13627 DEF: 10774  MAX

[Mystic Monarch Witch Commander (S Rare) ATK 17088 DEF 15358  MAX

[Lepo-Mage] Bunny Lilith Limil (S Rare) ATK 10808 DEF 9602  MAX

[Dreameater] Nightmare (S Rare) ATK 15636 DEF 13544  MAX

Inugami (High Rare) ATK 5622 DEF 5502 LVL28

Wraith (High Rare) ATK 5713 DEF 6471  LVL34

Nightmare (High Rare) lvl 50

Inugami++ (High Rare) lvl50

2x Trow Elf (High Rare) lvl50

Trow Elf (High Rare) lvl1

plus many rares


ROB Account Name: midnightgod

Fantasica Account: 57532845

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