Fantasica Cheats

#1 Posted by williamjclarke (3 posts) - Add Unlimited MobaCoin Hack Add Unlimited Luna Hack Add Unlimited Ally Points Hack Brave Pts Hack Training Pts Hack Enable Unlimited Premium Tickets Hack Enable Unlimited 4* Plus Tickets Hack 100% Unlimited Time Elixir, Potion, and Life Ward Hack Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
#2 Posted by KurtFelton (-11 posts) -
I have the working cheat tool for this. Might as well share this to you guys, coz honestly I spent tons of wasted hours searching, and finally found the working cheat / hack tool. Download the full file with instructions here: Basically it contains the tool, with step by step instructions. Enjoy!
#3 Posted by zerohaiz (0 posts) -
Does it actually work? Did anyone try out that link?