Bugs? What Bugs?

User Rating: 9 | Fallout: New Vegas PS3
I have over 40 hours playtime to date so far on this game. Got it the day it came out and only once has the game frozen up on me. Heck the original Fallout 3 had more glitches than this one.

But aside from that I love the game! The graphics are not all that bad, pretty basic for Fallout. The game play is your standard Fallout fare as well with a few new additions. Pretty much if you played Fallout 3 then you know what to expect with New Vegas. All new storyline, new weapons, areas. It almost feels like a huge Expansion pack for Fallout 3. Alot of fun to be had though. I loved Fallout 3 and this game is more of the good stuff.

One other downside is that the game didnt seem all that original to me. It seemed like they just rehashed Fallout 3 with a new storyline and weapons. I didnt mind so much as I love the game and as of writing this there are 3 expacs out for it which add alot more to the game itself.