Upgrade the weapons

#1 Posted by payode (4 posts) -

Hello! I have all the parts (GRA), 100 skills in repair, guns and science, but i still can´t put the silencer on my sniper gun for example. Can anybody help me. Thanks!

#2 Posted by DougGraves (269 posts) -

I've noticed on one weapon I was trying to put mods on, that if the gun is a GRA you need GRA mods for it, if it's not a GRA, then use the mods that aren't GRA.

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What i have to do? i have the right parts, but when i go to the workbench, nothing haepens

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Oh, you don't need a workbench to put the mods on your weapon. Just goto your weapons on your pipboy, highlight the one you want to put the mods on and press LB. Then you should get it from there.

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Thank you! Now it is very simple. Thanks you again