Spartan6692's review of Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30

Spartan6692’s Review of Brother in arms Road to Hill 30

This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It was so historically accurate that is was put on the History Channel. I would put this as a rent because it dose have some glitches in it like the stop and go glitch on campaign and that it only has up to four players on-line, but back to the single player. The look of the game make not make you want to buy this because of its graphics but the tactics of this game will blow your mind. The game intro is the same as the last level on this game so I would recommend not doing the intro, but really its up to you. Every weapons on this game are so vary accurate except M1 Grand. You can re-load this gun in a clip. If you have play any other WW II shooter then you will know that the Grand dose not re-load in a clip. The on-line is not that bad. No one will call you a noob. Most people will want to be your friend. There are no glitches that I know of at this moment and I don’t think there is any, but I may be wrong. If you love WW II games and you’re a veteran of the franchise. The I say buy this game.