The best game I've ever played

User Rating: 10 | Fallout 3 PC
I remember when this game first launched, as a fan of both the original Fallout games and Bethesda's games, i were incredibly hyped over the release. I played this game every day, every time i got the chance, and i still do! This game gave me memories, experiences that i've never had in gaming before. I never had time to play Team Fortress with my best friend, I didn't have time to make scrambled eggs for breakfast anymore, I didn't even have time to go out with my non-existent girlfriend anymore! This game packs everything: a huge open world with a compelling enviroment, NPC's to interact with, stuff to look at, stuff to shoot, an amazing soundtrack, an easy to understand and use interface (Pip-boy 300), and a lot of other surprises and things to do. The game tells a good story about you, a Vault-dweller that you name yourself who escapes from the vault to look for his father, who left the vault to continue on project that can save humanity. The bad guys called The Enclave tries to stop him (why?) and The Brotherhood of Steel are at war with the Enclave. Within Washington a brutal three-way war is fought, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Enclave and Super Mutants, intelligent human-ish mutants.
This game changed my life as a gamer, and it will stay in my heart forever. I can without a doubt say that Fallout 3 is the best game I've ever played.