Why Is It So Hard

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ok so i got fallout 3 last week and iv been trying it and dont get me wrong i like it but its way to hard so iv came to the conclusion that i think im doing something wrong if you have any tips please share them with me i really want to be able to enjoy this game but i cant if i keep getting killed
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First of all go into the settings were you can change the difficulty setting to easy or very easy, second don't go around killing everyone you see, only kill people or creatures that are already attacking you, and last I recommend looking through the Fallout 3 user manual to learn the basics about combat.

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allright thanks
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It gets easier as you level up. Be sure your tag skills are medicine, science and guns. Those will help the most in terms of leveling up. If science not so important then go to speech. Kay bro.
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The first 5-10 levels are the most difficult. Further down the line you should find it easier, which in itself is strange considering games are usually have an increase in difficulty as they progress.

You should try playing it on very hard. Damn.

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Look at your guns, and look at the DAM Icon. The gun with the most damage is the one I suggest you specialize in most.