Weird invisible texture problem.

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I'm having this really annoying texture problem with Fallout 3. These polygons of invisible texture pop up on people in the game, making parts of them see-through. I tried disabling adaptive aa but to no avail. I have it on the lowest settings too. Here are some images: I have this game on steam and it's happening to other games on steam as well, such as The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Team Fortress 2. I've contacted steam but they haven't contacted me back. Help?
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i have the same problem, it started when i installed fallout 3, and it's affected my other games too, same invisible parts all over and certain textures, like trees or some peoples arms stretch really far too, i really hope someoen can help

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ok, i fixed it on my computer, it was because i updated my ati video card drivers to 12.4, which for some reason messed it all up, so i removed the drivers and reinstalled the 12.3 version, i don't know if you are using a, ati card too, but the problem seemed to only be on those video cards from where i looked

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How do I change it back? I don't know.
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i have the same problem its not just with fallout its with all 3d games i play and i couldnt find anyone with the same problem till now if u do find out how to fix it plz tell me.