Rivet City- Vera Weatherly and Seagrave Holmes disappeared??

#1 Posted by juna42 (88 posts) -

I've been looking for Vera for hours for the Those! quest and I can't find her, she's not in the hotel or her room either. I've checked the whole ship numerous times.. and neither of them showed up for Diego and Angela's wedding.  I am positive it's a glitch but is there anyway I can fix it or something? Can she ever be found or not? The same goes for Seagrave too, he's never in the marketplace and he's not in his room either so I can't do the sidequest with him and Brannon. 

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It's most likely they simply glitched out (i've known Seagrave to disappear and Walter in Megaton). Also, Garcia has a habit of spawning at the nearby Super Mutant camp. He's sleeping on the cot in the back for some reason. Strange stuff.